Telecom: Broadband upgrades

Circini has supported Telecom with the migration of customer billing information through a series of major broadband upgrade projects.

These projects are not only run as part of Telecom's continuous improvement programme for broadband customers but to also support regulatory requirements. The benefits for broadband users are an increased network speed along with access to new products and capabilities.

Challenges have included the need to update or migrate up to 900,000 broadband customer billing records during very short time periods in order to reflect plan changes. If the updates failed in any way customers could lose their internet connection or be billed incorrectly. Each project required management of the integration between the IS and network stacks.

"We achieved high degree of accuracy in all these migrations with almost no incorrect customer records. This is very pleasing given that the migrations were done on production billing records that were being updated by broadband customer usage in real-time."Andrew Boswell, Director, Circini

As well as the design, project management, cleansing, and migration of the data, Circini have developed reusable tools for future related migrations and have been instrumental in helping increase the capacities of the business-as-usual production systems.

As with other Circini projects the data was migrated with near perfect accuracy.