Spark HLR Migration

When other overseas mobile companies tried this upgrade they had outages this was not going to be the case in New Zealand!

During May 2014 Spark (Telecom) quietly migrated 2.2 million mobile customers from its 3rd Generation Alcatel Home Location Register (HLR) to the 4th Generation Ericson Home Subscriber Service (HSS). Over a 4 week period post midnight a dedicated band of experts from Ericson, Telecom, Alcatel and Circini quietly delivered an upgrade no one noticed.

Net result 2.2 million Telecom customers could access the latest in mobile network technology LTE.  

"The greatest success of any migration is when no one notices" - Sudhir Motwani - Director Circini

Much of this work was done at night and in the weekends by a hugely talented team which included three Circini migration specialists: Sushila Bhikha and Beth Manning and Andrew Boswell.