Telecom: Number portability

Under the huge threat of customer and client disruption, Circini sat across all vendors and managed the sequence of tasks.

Government legislation to implement number portability across multiple service providers established immovable deadlines for project delivery. This very large programme of work spanned more than 3 years and included multiple vendors and partners, such as NEC, Alcatel Lucent, ESO, HP, and Datacom.

Circini's part in the implementation was across the network and IS stacks including the management, and handling, of multiple partners and suppliers with dependencies ranging across a wide range of product offerings. The key challenge was keeping track of the number of dependant activities, across multiple vendors, to ensure all timelines were to be met.

Key factors in the project included:

  • A large number of dependant tasks with a variety of vendors
  • Both land-line and mobile dependant
  • High risk of customer impact

One of Telecom's key priorities was to ensure customer satisfaction with the ease of their number portability process. Circini implemented a data integrity monitoring application as part of the deliverable creating the ability to establish teams who could manually resolve exceptions while fixes were being made to the system. This manual parallel run ensured no disruption to existing services occured.