Telecom: Singl.eView migration

Like most large organisations servicing the mass market with a large portfolio of products, Telecom found itself with customer billing data spread across a disparate range of legacy systems.

This made it difficult to change existing price points and add new products and bundles. The current state was not fully documented and the scale of the customer impact and possible revenue leakage was unknown.

Telecom's Integrated Billing Programme was tasked with consolidating the customer billing data from four legacy product platforms into one place. Making it easier to bundle products for customers, add new features and services, and provide a path to remove several billing systems.

This complex programme involved multiple vendors and internal Telecom teams with four of Telecom's core voice and data products servicing between 50,000 and 1.6 million customers each. Avoiding service disruption or billing impact to customers was critical.

Circini took responsibility for managing the technical implementation from beginning to end across multiple suppliers, along with delivering the vertical component of migrating billing data from the pre-paid mobile, DSL broadband, complex data products, and post-paid SMS systems into the new Singl.eView billing platform.

"When so many vendors, systems, and teams are involved it is essential to maintain a granular view of the tasks and dependencies."Sudhir Motwani, Director, Circini

The programme was delivered with little to no impact on customers. Each product's billing data was migrated with a greater than 99.5% accuracy with a path provided to clean the remainder. Telecom was left with a consolidated future-proofed billing platform and a way to monitor their current billing data state.

Circini's component of the programme was delivered within 5% of our initial budget estimates.