Transalta: SAP Migration

Moving more than 650,000 customers with 130 CSR's, a credit control team of 50 people, and over 20 external interfaces the Transalta SAP data migration was a complex migration project.

When Transalta purchased the retail businesses of NZ Power in order to grow its customer base they decided to merge all their legacy systems into a single SAP platform. This would incorporate both CRM and billing functions and would also be used by the Canadian parent company.

This massive 20 month project combined system implementation by Accenture, the implementation of a new organisational structure, and the convergence and migration of legacy system data.

Key factors in the project included:

  • Convergence of three different legacy systems
  • Implementation of a new organizational structure
  • Large volumes of data

Circini managed the migration of the project, delivering on time with a strikingly low inaccuracy rate of less than 0.5%. In conjunction with the complexities of the project we implemented an historic data viewer in order to access the three different legacy systems.