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Transpower: Asset Management Migration

Circini partnered with Transpower to lead all of the migration activity on the AMIS replacement project. This project moved Transpower from their legacy asset management system (MMS Pacer) and inventory Management system (PeopleSoft FMIS) onto IBM Maximo.

Transpower is a state-owned enterprise that plays a central role in New Zealand’s power industry, owning and operating the National Grid and managing the power system as the System Operator. The programme of work was part of Transpower’s long term strategy for the future which included continually improving how they manage and utilise their existing Grid Assets.

The Circini team worked closely with Transpower and the Maximo System Integrator, Certus. The project involved migrating data that is core to Transpower’s asset management. This included over 600,000 locations and assets and over 5 million attributes, their maintenance plans, and relationships as part of the Grid. All of Transpower’s inventory, costs and balances were also migrated from PeopleSoft FMIS to Maximo. This data is then interfaced to several other systems internal to Transpower, including the market systems.

The Circini team, lead by Andrew Boswell managed all of the data migration including adopting the agile methodology already in place across the project. The role included planning the data migration across the various phases, mapping of the data from source to target, data cleansing and transformation, and carrying out the data migration utilising Circini’s migration framework, and then reconciling the final results back to source. Data was loaded into Maximo using Maximo’s Migration Integration Framework. Some data not currently existing in MMS but required by Maximo were also manually prepared and loaded. It was important not to over-engineer the migration process and recognise where there was scope for manual migration.

 “What we experienced was a highly professional team working effectively and professionally with the wider team to define and refine a successful data migration solution. Circini made every effort to understand the Business impact of data use in the context of the new system and processes. They could operate across the difficult space of working with non-technical business experts to implement a highly technical migration. Faced with constantly evolving requirements, Circini displayed their extensive data migration experience and expertise. They were not afraid to roll their sleeves up and put in the extra work when required. Circini has left TransPower in the best possible situation to start getting value from our new asset management system.” - Mike O'Brien Asset Information Systems Specialist, Transpower

The data migration was completed on time and within budget with less than 0.01% of data failing the final migration. There were no significant issues at or post go-live, largely as a result of detailed planning and precise execution.