Services - Data Integrity

Data Integrity at Circini

Our methods, tools, and expertise have assisted organisations to achieve data migrations with error rates of less than 0.2% of customer records.

The necessity to migrate systems with minimal data integrity issues is key to a successful migration. At Circini we recognize this and have established time proven techniques to ensure there are no surprises within any migration activity.

Continual business engagement throughout the planning and data analysis phases enables us to scale the cleansing effort required in order to migrate in a timely manner.

Business buy-in throughout the data cleansing phase helps to ensure very low error rates.

Our Data Integrity capabilities include:

  • Utilising Oracle and SQL scripting to maximise data capture and analysis ability
  • Incorporating business feedback loops in pre-migration data refinement
  • Developing rigorous data cleansing regimes pre-migration
  • Establishing parallel running of new and legacy systems
  • Understanding data at the most granular level
  • Utilising the POC, main, and wash-up run processes

We have a proven capability to perform complex data migrations with very low error rates where the tolerance for customer impacts is very low.

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