Services - Migration Planning

Migration Planning at Circini

We ensure migrations between complex systems are successful by establishing a rigorous implementation plan.

Circini specialises in transition planning and the management of billing and customer care system implementations, primarily in the utilities domain. Added to proven methods and tools, we have built up a specialist transition management knowledge through a significant number of complex system replacement projects.

We have the battle scars earned through years of experience.

Implementation and/or transition management involves managing the cutover process to ensure delivery to the agreed transition plan and a timely resolution of any post-transition issues.

Our transition planning and management capabilities include:

  • Defining checklists and criteria to confirm business readiness to proceed with the cutover
  • Defining a detailed task by task plan to implement the cutover
  • Defining processes for ensuring 'work in progress' at the time of the cutover can be completed post the cutover
  • Defining interim operational processes to be established pre, during, and post the cutover
  • Management of the cutover processes to ensure delivery of the agreed transition plan

The plan is aligned to your tolerance for risk and business disruption during the cutover to a new system or operating model.

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