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Enhancing protection care and customer systems.


As part of its quest to provide better protection care and recovery for New Zealand’s 4.6 million population, ACC was keen to introduce more efficient insurance product billing and policy management, and a new online customer portal. Circini helped orchestrate a highly accurate, near-invisible migration of large volumes of data.


The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) transformation program required complex, high-volume data migration to help improve protection care and recovery for people living in New Zealand. More specifically, ACC wanted to replace its bespoke legacy application with Guidewire Insurance Product for Billing and Policy Management, and, at the same time, add Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a new online bespoke customer portal.


Our role:
Circini was asked to join the project at the initial analysis phase, and later became the prime migration and deployment leads responsible for the management and supervision of all data migration activity, and conducting end-to-end reconciliation across the full migration process. At its peak, Circini had eight staff across all phases of the project.


The migration team successfully planned, rehearsed and executed a three-week round-the-clock production deployment, which resulted in an extremely smooth migration of over 100 million rows of data with very low exception rates and minimal post go-live data issues. 


“We were able to design and execute complex parallel testing, and work efficiently and effectively with other vendor teams.” Jodie Stewart, Director.