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A high-stakes metering asset migration.


Circini partnered with AMS to support its asset management upgrade from Gentrack to an Oracle ERP system and improve capability, building a mapping database and automating much of the data cleansing to achieve enviable efficiencies.


AMS, which runs metering assets on behalf of New Zealand energy retailers, wanted to upgrade its integrated asset management system with improved capability. In particular, AMS wished to enable more effective expansion of their smart meter service options. The project involved over 1 million ICPs/sites (unique customers) and over 3 million assets - all generating real-time usage. This high volume of inflight data, coupled with active service orders from retailers at the time of migration, posed significant challenges for the migration team. But we had no choice but to tackle them head on because if the migration wasn't accurate, customers would not have meters installed, and AMS would incur penalties from retailers for failing to meet their contractual commitments.


Our role:
The Circini team worked closely with Fusion 5, the Oracle system implementer. The Circini team managed the data migration component of the upgrade which included migration and transition planning, data cleansing, and the data migration itself.


This project was certainly a challenge, and a number of exceptions further complicated the program, such as legacy system data quality problems, and the requirement for consolidation and rationalization of legacy data, such as historic tariffs.

However, feedback from AMS stated the migration component of the upgrade program was the cleanest part of the project. The data migration was completed to within an hour of Circini’s projected schedule, and, thanks to in-depth planning and execution, there were very few data integrity issues post go-live.


“We built a mapping database and automated a lot of the data cleansing during the actual migration which generated some real efficiencies,"Jodie Stewart, Director.