Tallyman debt collection platform.


Circini consultants played an integral part in consolidating multiple applications and tracking inflight data during the deployment of the Experian Decision Analytics Tallyman debt collection & recovery platform at ANZ New Zealand.


Debt collection at ANZ (NZ) and The National Bank of NZ were historically managed through six different applications. ANZ decided it wanted to consolidate these applications into a single platform with comprehensive visibility for the combined banks. The project also involved a large amount of inflight data to be tracked and managed throughout the migration process.


Our role:
Circini consultants played a key role in the multiphase deployment of the Tallyman product to create a single platform with a 360 degree view of debt management for the combined banks, with 28 internal and 6 external interfaces. ANZ’s Tallyman tallies all customers, products, accounts, relationships and transactions from its core banking systems via a daily incremental feed.


The complex deployment was successful, with Circini attentively tracking and managing the large amount of inflight data, with full reconciliation and zero defects.

Circini was also involved in the ANZ/National Bank consolidation project, which combined the two brands into a single unified entity. The team worked effectively with a number of vendors during the consolidation system dress rehearsals by building precise deployment run sheets consisting of several hundred detailed tasks.


“Circini’s rigorous implementation planning enabled us to migrate large volumes of inflight data with zero defects. A real challenge and a great result.” - Sudhir Motwani, Director.