Invisible SAP migration.


Circini helped the 100% New Zealand owned Kiwibank upgrade its core systems from their PIC-based CoreMod Ultracs to SAP banking. With one fundamental requirement: Ensuring Kiwibank’s more than 800,000 customers were not impacted during the transition period.


Kiwibank’s complex system migration programme required data to be extracted, merged and transformed from multiple source applications. And all without its 800,000+ customers noticing anything was going on behind the scenes. The project also required consolidated views, data integration layer, and delivery of incremental changes with each phased transition, not to mention a vast understanding of different product ordinance.


Our role:
Circini was initially hired to develop the project’s migration strategy, but we were subsequently asked to take on additional responsibility for data extraction and transformation, and ultimately for the execution of the data migration. We also developed solution designs for statements and tax certificates, and conducted intense proof of concept testing to ensure the transition could take place without disruption, and a smooth new SAP banking system achieved.


The Circini team was able to draw on its broad knowledge of specific product ordinance and many years of practical experience in attentive migration executions.  Our tireless work on conducting trial migrations, transformations and reconciliations with bank staff, vendors, and third party providers paid off, and we are able to deliver a seamless transition to the new SAP banking system.


"We worked tirelessly on trial migrations and transformations and reconciliations to ensure minimal error rates and customer impact.” - Sudhir Motwani, Director.