Power grid asset management migration.


Circini partnered with Transpower to lead migration activity on the AMIS replacement project, a project that shifted Transpower from their legacy asset management system (MMS Pacer) and inventory Management system (PeopleSoft FMIS) onto IBM Maximo.


Transpower is a state-owned enterprise that plays a central role in New Zealand’s power industry, owning and operating the National Grid and serving as the power system operator. As part of its long-term strategy, Transpower was seeking ways to improve the management and utilization of extensive and complex existing grid assets, which included over 600,000 locations and assets and 5 million attributes, their maintenance plans, and relationships as part of the Grid.


Our role:
The Circini team worked closely with Transpower and the Maximo System Integrator, Certus. Led by Andrew Boswell, Circini managed the entire data migration by exploiting the project’s agile methodology. The role included creating a multiphase data migration plan, data mapping from source to target, data cleansing and transformation, executing the data migration according to Circini’s own migration framework, and data reconciliation. Data was loaded into Maximo using Maximo’s Migration Integration Framework. Some necessary data that didn’t exist in MMS were manually prepared and loaded because we believed it was important not to over-engineer the migration process when there was scope for manual migration.


The asset management data migration was completed on time and within budget with less than 0.01% data failing the final migration. All of Transpower’s inventory, costs and balances were also migrated from PeopleSoft FMIS to Maximo. These data were then interfaced with the market and several other internal Transpower systems. Thanks to our detailed planning and precise execution, there no significant issues arose either during or post go-live.


“Circini was not afraid to put in the extra work when required, and have left Transpower well equipped to generate value from our new asset management system.” Mike O'Brien, Asset Information Systems Specialist, Transpower.