Data migration

Develop a data map and test migration routine to understand legacy data and ensure successful transition.


“We deliver comprehensive, customer-considerate conversions every time.” Jodie Stewart, Director.


Time-proven experience has taught us that a piecemeal approach to data migration can prove unsatisfactory. That’s why we treat all data migrations like any other IT project, adopting a system development lifecycle approach starting with a focused consultation to help:

  • Define a migration strategy detailing the data transition scope and approach
  • Understand the current state of your legacy data model by analysing data profiles and processes.
  • Understand the future state of your data model processes and transformations
  • Design and build a detailed plan for your data migration scope, including:
    1. Pinpointing resources, timeline and scope for your project
    2. Establishing a data map to define the translation of data any required manipulations, validations or applied criteria.
    3. Developing and test data migration routines including extract, validation and load routines
    4. Identifying data cleansing requirements and processes and developing and testing electronic data cleansing routines and queries.
    5. Ad hoc reporting
  • Plan and perform trial data migration tests, including full go-live testing and trouble shooting.
  • Execute migration to a carefully prepared schedule, right down to 15 minute intervals.


Circini Data Migration Overview