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Cutover planning & deployment

Devise and deploy rigorous cutover plans to minimize risk and business impact.


“Our business-driven approach focuses on process or customer impact to achieve a smooth cutover with no surprises.” Jodie Stewart, Director.


Attentive cutover planning and deployment is the key to ensuring a seamless system transition that minimizes the risk and impact on your business, and any inconvenience caused to your customers. We have got so good at this that we can plan and execute a complex system cutover right down to 15 minute intervals. Most people don’t like to be considered invisible, but for us the best indicator of a job well done is when your customers hardly notice we were ever there.

Our cutover planning and deployment services include:

  • A rigorous cutover plan that appropriately mitigates risk and business impact commensurate to the critical nature of business areas involved in the system or operating
  • Check lists and criteria to confirm business readiness to proceed with cutover,
  • A detailed task-by-task plan to implement the actual cutover
  • Processes for ensuring work in progress at the time of cutover can be completed post cutover
  • Interim operational processes required before, during and after cutover
  • Dress rehearsal of cutover process
  • Execution of the actual cutover process to ensure delivery to the agreed cutover plan
  • Post implementation triage
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